About Sierra

 Hey there!

My name is Sierra. I’m a homeschooling/stay at home mom from Texas. I have an amazing and supportive husband (he lets me buy all the pretty fabrics) and We have 3 beautiful girls, a cat and 2 pugs. I love all things crafts. You can often find me in my sewing/craft room when I’m not with the kids. Sewing is by far my favorite hobby. I had a very basic $60 machine 8 years ago. I took it out every now and then but 3 years ago my fellow homeschool mom-friend convinced me to make a maxi skirt, I never looked back! I now own a sewing/embroidery machine, serger and coverstitch. I also threw in a silhouette recently. I dont limit myself to sewing. I enjoy all crafts so I suppose you can just call me Crafty Momma until I can find a better blog name. I learned so much about sewing the past few years. Anytime I have a sewing problem Danielle helps me figure it out. Her and youtube. Thats why she’s now my blogging buddy. I cant wait to share all our craftiness with y’all.

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